Saturday, May 31, 2014

Buying Local Chalk paint.?

I love to frequent local antique shops for inspiration.  I happened to run across this Gal's booth that offered chalk paint.  I choose the Cast Iron a black color of course.  Black seems to sell in my booth so I try to mix it in.  The paint is called Crooked Label Paints and it is handcrafted by Tucked Away Treasures.

I had a half moon table that had been sitting for a while.  I think I paid 3 bucks for it at a yard sale and it was in need of a new look.

I was impressed with this paints coverage and color.  It dried fairly quickly and distressed very nicely.

One coat....

Still drying.....

I finished this table off with two coats of Johnson's paste wax with a 1000 grit light sanding before and between.  I like the results I will definitely consider trying another color of this paint.

I hope you grab a paint brush and enjoy your next project!


  1. so i checked this paint out on etsy the price is certainly right 16 color chices and free shipping and you say it worked well this table looks great...this is a win-win xx

    1. So glad that you were able to source this paint..hope you give it a try it is a lot of fun!