Thursday, January 30, 2014

White ? Tin Inn Photography of Rare snow fall

Oh my what a winter wonderland we have going on for the south!  A nice blanket of white!  The wonder..ful part will only be a few days and the temps. will be back up to the high 60's (f) on Sunday.
We made a few pictures while Handy and I were checking out the back forty.

It did not tack the birds that long to finish this feeder off.  I love the snow piled on top as well as the star on the gate.

There it is the White Tin Inn..

The Cave nestled in for the winter as well.

Hey I ate Lunch at the table on Monday it was 70 degrees F.

Burr....will have to wait for those to thaw before watching the birds.

Handy said he was working!  I think he was playing...either way decks and lift landing are cleared in case we need to get Joe out.

Did not take long for the snow to begin melting and Freezing in to ICE.

I hope you are warm and well while you wait out this winter!

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