Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Chirstmas with Warm Hugs...

This is an unusual post for me.  It is Personal

If you have taken the time to check the "about us page" you will understand this post.

This is Joseph's last year in school he will turn 21 in August of next year.  I will have to admit that public school has been a roller coaster ride scary at most turns and flying by.  High school was a difficult transition for me as a mother, because the kids are bigger and a one class fits all philosophy has never been a comfort.  But God heard my prayers ..I met Joe's current teacher at special Olympics about 5 years ago.  By the way this is the second year this teacher has been named teacher of the year!  An here is why.  She approached me ,she had heard that I was hesitant, and this is what she said

"God has put in my heart to teach these kids please give me Joe"  .
I was floored and I am still emotional when I hear her words in my heart.  What a true blessing she and her aides are.  All of them are extraordinary people.   I was trying to come up with a last Christmas teacher ,School Nurse gift, and here is what I decided to do.
Each teacher except Coach D. will get a scarf with a reminder that when they put it on Joe will be giving them a warm hug.

Coach D. Received handkerchiefs .  Now Coach is a mess, he and Joe banter all day. Joe gets flabbergasted and will exclaim "Oh Jesus"  Coach will ask were? he does not see him.  Joe's reply as printed on the edge of Coach's Hankies.."He is in my Heart man!"

So lets all take a lesson from Joe...
Lets Keep Him in our hearts not only this season but all year.  And take the time to tell those people that go above and beyond...Thank you and I appreciate you every day!
Warm Hugs 


  1. What an awesome, inspiring post! Thank you for touching my heart today! :) I wish the merriest of Christmas to you and yours!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Joe definatly puts a lot of life in prespective! Merry Christmas and God Bless.....The Connollys