Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Green Goddess

This little table was a 80's reject with little heart cut outs and dark stain.
Begging you to pardon my smart phone photos, and in this is a case, a better photo will not help.

Handy Hubby repaired the  split leg and we went from there

I just saw green with this table so Southern Honey Junebug was my choice.

Handy Hubby has informed me that I have selected some weird paint colors.  However I do see this on a garden patio or in a sun room.  Little girls room as a night stand.  Either choice, that is made on this table, even weird is a improvement.

Hope that Fall is is offering you all its glorious colors and comfort food.  

Thank you for Stopping By!


  1. Oh I still love my vintage 80s hearts items - haven't yet worked up the nerve to paint them yet. But you never know ;-) The little table looks great!

  2. Thanks you for the compliment and for stopping by. I love my 80's as well..I have a reproduction pie safe from the 80's I think it may be next...You have a good one!

  3. Love love love that apple green color! What a beautiful and bright makeover.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. and thank you for the compliment! I love that color as well makes me think of Granny Smith apples....You take care! Sheryl