Sunday, September 15, 2013

up- Cycle prints to chalk boards

Fun projects for any part of the home...

I found these out dated prints at the thrift with very cool frames.  

I have recently purchased  a new brand of chalk paint from Southern Honey Workshop  and wanted to try it out.  June bug green and Edna blue where the choices for this project.

June bug green

Edna Blue

Both of these frames where faux gilded one gold and one a light silver.  I sanded in areas to the original colors and then added gilding wax on the texture around the black board.  However before painting the frames, I sprayed 4 coats of Krylon chalk board paint on the glass. I waited an hour between coats or when the coats appear dry, and after the last coat waited 24 hours before curing with chalk stick (read instructions on the can) and painting the frames.  Time wise a three day project from start to finish. Most of the time drying time.
Note to self:  Sanding before painting wtih Southern Honey for the best results.  



  1. Our local thrift store asks a lot for their framed wall decor. They often feature books, glassware and clothing items at half price, but rarely sell the art for less. I did have the good fortune to happen upon one of those rare days, so now I have some lovely frames (in case I ever get the courage and creativity to do something with them.) You did a beautiful job with yours!

  2. You may want to try a tag sale..I do not think I paid more than 6.00 bucks for these frames and they are a pretty good size. You need to just grab it a growl..pick your fav. color and take a chance..I actually paint the chalk paint on first not worrying about spray over and then with a good brush paint the frames. Thank you for the kind words I love your vacation pictures!