Tuesday, September 3, 2013

From Cast off to...Show Off

From Cast off ...to Show Off.

Found a great little coffee table at a yard sale ..it was headed to the dump so I offered the lady 2.00 bucks for the cast off.  

As you can see I am the worst at before photos...

Little fake drawer..it is so cute...

I broke out a custom mix of chalk paint that my Buddy Ann gave me...(see Ann tique 101).  

Love the results...

The little drawer got a nice coat of Coco.

Of course it had to be distressed.

I hope that this post finds you having a great day!


  1. great color...and pretty staging!

  2. Love the way the drawer pops! Really pretty color combination!

    1. Thank you ....I am a big aqua blues and browns together...I am imspired by your corner cabinet! It is amazing what a little paint can do...Thank you for stopping by. Sheryl